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 ..is the founding and current Artistic director of RealArtWorks inc. Zeb works with word and colour, image and movement and ideas to make things that some

times he calls art.

 It's not what you can't it's what you can do


 OptoMystic projection from the Space for Optimism postcards
community project May-June 2009, Lismore Lantern Parade, Lismore NSW role: creative facilitator animations. The Animations were displayed in shopfronts and projected onto buildings in the lead up to the Parade and looped on a big screen prior to the Fire Show.

Video made from the packdown of the Lost and Found Installation in the Roxy Gallery, Kyogle. The two room were constructed with all my left over accumulated arty crap and boxes of stuff placed in the Lost Room. Over three weeks of residency they were gradually installed in the Found room by the myself and casual and organised visititors to the Gallery including a primary school group. All visitors to the gallery were asked to draw self portraits which was installed and heat sealed by the vintage heat sealing device seen in the front of the final shot. 2007 Kyogle NSW

Award Winning Film by Zeb Schulz Jacquie, a strong young woman with downs syndrome, lives and works in the rural city of Wagga Wagga. She lives with her partner Kane in a rented three bedroom house and the way they share their lives is an inspiration to any couple. You are invited, along with the wonderful range of characters who make up their family and friends, to celebrate their big day. Audiences of all ages and abilities will be inspired by this truly amazing love story. 2007 Wagga Wagga NSW 

The Black Suns - Indigenous Youth Mentors feat. Local Knowledge from chris peckham on Vimeo.

This mini-doco was co-directed/produced with Chris Peckham from Source media. It was one of ten films commisioned by the Museum of the Riverina in 2006. The full film can be seen at the Museum of the Riverina in Wagga Wagga NSW