Information on

the VeryAbility project

Visual and Performing

Arts Workshops


A series of Art and performance based workshops will be undertaken at the

R.E.D. Inc. Art Studio space located at  

87A Magellan Street (DOWN LANEWAY) Lismore.


A series of Workshops exploring creative development  in the areas of printmaking, zine making, postcard production, prop development for the BALL OF LOVE event.


Art Work Shops happening

Evening Art Workshop starts

Wednesday 6 pm – 8 pm

Starting Oct 7th Each week until the 25th November


Day Art Workshop

Fridays from 9.30am -2.30 pm

Lunch 11.30 -12.30


Evening Performance and multimedia Workshops

Thursday 6 pm -8.30 pm

Starting Oct 8th Each week until the 26th November


All veryAbility participants strongly encouraged to attend as many of these workshops as they can.




Participants need to arrange there own transport and participants with high support needs will need to come  with a support worker or other carer.