The  Facilitators

Story Boxes on our town 

Self Portraits and some other Artwork and photos from a 2008 Project with RealArtWorks and the Wonowa Group in association with Kyogle Care Connections and R.E.D.Inc.

The project concluded with an exhibition of Artwork as well as Music, Puppetry and Performance at The Roxy Gallery in Kyogle

Performance By Catherine Marsh

Catherine Performs a piece titled "He Saved Me" using the Soundbeam and Vocalising Machine with words written in weekly workshops with RealArtWorks

Performed by Catherine Marsh at the Roxy Gallery in Kyogle January 2009 



The Artists

 Artists from the Wanowa Group are:


Sid (Tex) Barter

Barry Page
Rob Daley
Heather Daley
Darryl Green
Rebecca King
Catherine Marsh
Darren Pethers
Wally Rudder
Anthony Speedy
John Cieslak 


 Artists from R.E.D. Inc. are:    

Nicky Atta-Sing

Justine Rose

Amy Serrone


Pete Dickson