Questions and Answers from the Public meeting about the veryAbilty project

 veryAbility By Real Art Works Inc

Information Session               24/11/09

People present
58 people 

Members of Real Art Works Present
Zeb Schultz
Ruth T
Matthew Gulliford
Rohan Langford
Michael White
Nin Haggith
Katie Alleva

10.30am START

Introduction :Short film

Welcome and Introduction

-What is the veryAbility event?
-schedule overview: By Zeb Schultz
-Expression of Interest Forms explanation

Doyle Memorial Trust representative: Kerry Devitt

- Spoke about the artist ?   Doyle and that the trust will
be fund an art prize for the veryAbility event
-three exhibitions will take place in the Fountain Room, 
Serpentine Gallery and the Roxy Gallery during the event

Multi-Media Course at TAFE Lismore: Rohan Langford

-Overview of course outcomes

Bandwagon: Matthew Gulliford
-Creation of a band
-Competitive application process
-8 emerging musicians selected

Tea & Coffee Break
15 mins

Meeting resumes 11.15am

Question and Answer sessions: Chaired by Zeb Schultz

How long do the workshops go for?
10 weeks

How long is the actual veryAbility event?
6 days

Where is the veryAbility event happening?
At the Civic Hall, Roxy art Gallery, Serpentine Gallery,

How many hours per week is the TAFE Multi- Media course?

Will TAFE be having an information session for the course?
Yes, the date is yet to be announced

Will there be another meeting before the workshops start?
Yes, we will hold an expression of interest meeting where
you can meet the facilitators. Date to be announced.

Who are all the service Providers who will be involved?
Basically anyone can get involved. Those present at the meeting were
Multi - Task, House with no steps, Red- inc, Tafe NSW, Doyle Memeorial Foundation,
Focus, Northern Rivers Development Council

Where will the workshops be held?

At Red inc studio's; Lismore and Byron Bay.

Do I have to pay for anything? Workshop Fees? Etc?
No. You don't have to pay for anything.

When do I have to get my application in for the BANDWAGON project?

Date to be announced.

What dates do the workshops start?
End of August to the 3rd November.

Do selceted band members of BANDWAGON get paid for their performances?

What if I miss out on being selected for the BANDWAGON project?

We will allow for 'flexibiltiy' for the various creative groups, workshops and performances,
meaning our goal is to create opportunities for everyone to be involved.

When and where will BANDWAGON be playing?

At the Lismore Show Cock and Bull Tent
11.00 am
28th November  The night of the LOVE BALL

Can other bands play?
Yes. They will need to express their interest and supporting acts will be considered.

When will the workshops start?

The third week of August 2009.

What do I wear to the LOVE BALL?
Dress is Formal.

Can I help make the decorations for the LOVE BALL?

Who are the judges for the art PRIZE?
Jonh Smith (Southern Cross University Painting Lecturer)
Renne Bolton (Tafe)
Ochre Doyle

How much is the art prize?

Do you have a website?

Can I access information on the website about veryAbility?


Can the sign language Choir bring their skills to the project?


End of Question and Answers 11.30am

-Expression of interest forms handed out. Participants are encouraged to fill out the forms
to show what areas of the veryAbility event they would like to particiapte in. 

-Ruth encouraged people to write their contact details on the contact form as they left.

Meeting Closed at 11.35am